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Our founder, Christan, dreamed for many years of going to Africa. Her dream was realized in 2013, when she and a group from her local church journeyed to Phakane and Nelspruit, South Africa. That year she connected with the locals and the church leaders in a special way. One church there desired to do an outreach program of some kind to the community, which is largely influenced by generations of witchcraft. After Christan left that year, she went home and the following January had a birthday party for her 30th birthday in which all the gifts were donated to Phakane to build a garden for their outreach project. The garden was planted and Christan visited again a few months later in 2014. Upon arriving back in South Africa she learned that the garden had failed- largely due to a significant water restriction in the area. After many phone calls and emails to every water agency on the globe, she faced another challenge- not one of them would dig a well in South Africa. Inspired by the book “Love Does” by Bob Goff, she began emailing government leaders in South Africa in hopes of getting assistance. The Minister of Water was willing to help, but the locals declined this offer- they did not trust their own government. After a glorious phone call with Bob Goff himself, Christan decided the best way to get a well was to raise the money and have a local well driller dig the well. During this process her sister suggested the idea of making the efforts into a non- profit and 28Bold was birthed. The name, 28Bold, was inspired by the scripture in Proverbs 28, “the righteous are as bold as lions” which was spoken to her by a pastor in South Africa after she contacted the Minister of water there to aid in water relief.

Today 28Bold is a non-profit company (501c3) focused on water relief efforts on the continent of Africa. There are many companies that dig wells or provide water relief, but 28Bold focuses on areas of Africa other companies will not service for one reason or another. Make no mistake, however, the ultimate mission of 28Bold is to minister the Gospel to the world by providing clean water. When their basic needs are met,  their minds and hearts are more open to receiving this salvation message.

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Christan Barnett

Christan with her husband and 3 beautiful kids

Christan with her husband and 3 beautiful kids

Hi, I am Christan. (pronounced kris-TAN). Thanks for visiting the site! My husband and I live in Augusta, Georgia and have 3 opinionated children. We prayed they would have a mind of their own and oops! God gave them just that.

Theres a few things I love-

I love Jesus. I heard someone say once people who don’t love Jesus just don’t know him. I totally believe that. Jesus has done so much in my life that I can’t imagine life without him. I can’t figure out how people love, and live, grieve life without my Savior. He inspires all that I am and do.

I love people. My husband would totally disagree with this statement about me because I dislike large groups of people, but individual people I actually really love. People’s stories are so inspiring to me. I guess thats why I am a sucker for a memoir or biography, whether I agree or disagree with someone, their story, their process is so fascinating to me. I love connecting with people over a similar piece of our journey.