In 2016, 28Bold was founded to meet one of the most fundamental of human needs: safe, clean water. While we struggle to even imagine a world without a house full of faucets flowing with limitless water, the continent of Africa is filled with 3 million people without any access. In the two short years since our founding, we’ve been able to dig five wells across South Africa, radically changing the lives of thousands, AND six more wells will be dug in the coming year. But, clean water is just part of the equation.

Much of Africa is ravaged by poverty and plagued with witchcraft. That’s why every well dug by 28Bold uses local well drillers to bring money into the economy, and are drilled on the property of local churches, creating a starting point for ministry. Meeting the physical need of clean water is crucial, but people meeting Jesus carries eternal significance.

The need is great and the cost is high, but we’re just getting started. Donate now and join in the mission.