Will's Heart Behind Serving


Why do I volunteer/Serve?

This question has been asked of me a million times, but I never have been able to give a complete answer until now. My generation has been defined as the generation with an entitlist mentality and just wanting handouts. The thing is, I do not want to be defined like in this way. Even if the other individuals within my generation choose to be.

I will stand up for what is right no matter the cost. I will be the most positive person within my group of friends because the world has taught us that we can never be fully happy. I choose to live life fully every day, not for myself, but for others. You see life is too short to be only concerned about yourself. When I was five, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and was treated at the Children's Hospital of Georgia. I remember the constant sickness and thought I was never going to get through the traumatic experience because the odds were already against me. That was my crisis, but the only reason I was able to survive was because people refused to give up on me.

People all throughout the world are facing some type of crisis. Africa faces a water crisis on a daily basis, but every time someone mentions providing aid, those listening shut them down because they think that they can not provide resources to Africa because they are an ocean apart. It's time to start cultivating ideas and making them become a reality. If you feel like something is wrong, voice your opinion but also make a solution. 28Bold has provided a solution to a major water problem, not just within Africa, but throughout the entire world.

Now you're wondering why do I serve/volunteer within my community?

Everyday I commute from Harlem to Augusta. I serve within Stevens Creek Church, the Augusta Dream Center, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, and 28Bold. I give all that I have to these organizations and yes, I do fall short sometimes, but I want to be known for what I have done to leave the world a better place. I will keep being the light that people need in their lives because people matter. This motto of #PeopleMatter was introduced to me when I started attending Stevens Creek Church. At first I didn't understand it; all I wanted to do was be focused on myself. I only cared about my own ambitions and goals. Life was miserable, but I soon realized the more I focused on my relationship with God and others; life would make a complete 180º turn. I am an advocate for multiple organizations within the city of Augusta, but I want you to realize that if you feel that you are going through life alone, you have teams of people rooting for you.    

It’s time that you take your next step into your calling, because you will truly be your happiest when you do!

--Will McCoy, 28Bold intern